Fountain of the Sun Ambassador Program is off and running!

 So exactly what is the FOS Ambassador Program?

This program introduces new FOS residents or people interested in living in FOS to the benefits and amenities in and around Fountain of the Sun. Our team of Ambassadors does this by giving tours and answering questions about the community.

What is an Ambassador?

A Fountain of the Sun Ambassador is a person who enjoys greeting, meeting, helping and befriending new people. An Ambassador enjoys sharing the joy of living in Fountain of the Sun and the opportunities that await. They are on the front line of making prospective and new residents feel welcome and excited to live in our community.

Who are your FOS Ambassadors?

Karen Reinhart - coordinator
Renee Bankston 
Marilyn Block
Russ Hall
Pat Kumm


How would one contact an Ambassador?

Click on the Questions and Ambassador Tours button which contacts an Ambassador through an email.

Come take a tour around
Fountain of the Sun with us!