President  W. Evelyn Walker


Vice President              Keith E. Hilgendorf

We Can Make It Happen!"

Treasurer  Patricia Leconte  
Secretary  Tina Cary  E-mail:
Director  Dean Scane  


To create a forum for contributions and civic involvement for Fountain of the Sun residents.



To promote healthy lifestyles that will extend independent living options for senior citizens.


Why Do We Have a Foundation?

The Fountain of the Sun Foundation supplements funding for worthy community projects and, at the same time, provides a tax credit opportunity to those making donations. Some of the funds received may be given to our surrounding community like the Mesa Fire and Medical Department, Red Mountain Multigenerational Center and the Mesa School District.


Who Are We?

We are residents of Fountain of the Sun who have a heart for the community and wish to enhance community life through tax credit donations for worthy projects approved by Fountain of the Sun Association.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Fountain of the Sun residents who have experience in finance and organizational development and who are interested in making a difference in the lives of residents. Appointment to the Board of Directors is by a vote of the Board Members.

Articles of Incorporation Bylaws

The Foundation Has Been Approved By:

• The IRS on February 9, 2014, for tax credit fundraising activities.

• The Arizona Corporation Commission as an Arizona non-profit corporation on September 25, 2013.


This is How the Foundation Works!

• Residents of Fountain of the Sun can designate specific donations for projects that enrich community life.

• Donations can be made for those projects the Foundation Board determines are important to FOSA residents.

• Fountain of the Sun clubs or organizations can create a project and work with the Foundation to raise the needed funds. All infrastructure projects must be approved by FOSA prior to consideration by the Foundation.

• The Foundation assumes no liability for joint fundraising campaigns without prior approval by the Foundation Board of Directors.


How the Foundation Has Benefited Fountain of the Sun

• Funding toward the Veterans’ Memorial and an Arizona Honor Flight for FOS Veterans.

• Purchase of a medical defibrillator device.

• Partnered in funding lighting for the community pickleball court.

• Funded the professional services contract for the 2019 Fountain of the Sun Comprehensive Long Range Plan.


Ways You Can Donate

Participating in Community Partner Programs:

• Shopping at – register with FOS Foundation as your charity. Enter through Amazon Smile donates a percentage of your eligible purchases direct to the Foundation.

• Shopping at Fry’s Food Stores – link your Fry’s Reward card to the FOS Foundation. Through their Community Program, Kroger donates to the Foundation, based on the number of registered shoppers.

• Watching the FOS weekly email blast for periodic partner reminders.

Volunteer your time. We appreciate our FOS residents. 



“WORKING TOGETHER, We Can Make It Happen!"