A Message from the President


My hubby, Richard, and I are happy and we know it because our son in MN sent a picture of the snow in our backyard and there are drifts over halfway up on our living room windows. Even though I enjoyed the picture I am most certainly happy there is no shoveling involved on my part. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in the Desert Flower HOA of FOS, because I have wonderful neighbors, great activities, and beautiful sunshine. 

As a seasonal resident of FOS, my hubby and I spend about 5 months here and we visit a couple of times during the summer and fall seasons. I am grateful as a resident and Board of Directors President that we have a staff and Yearounders that not only hold down the fort while we are gone but do a great job of it. My home and community here in AZ are as important to me as our home and community in Princeton, MN.

In purchasing our houses/condos in FOS each of us has made an investment in this community. Keeping our community active, vibrant, up to date and attractive serves us all in multiple ways. An up to date, clean, active community is attractive to buyers should we decide it is time to sell our house here in FOS. Many of us would like to see our children/heirs come to FOS while we are still here and even after we are gone. When we invest in FOS we are investing in ourselves and generations to come. Richard and I have two adult children, spouses and 6 grand children who really like to spend some vacation time here every winter. I think it has as much to do with pool and trail riding time as with grandpa and grandma time but we sure love to have them visit. 

Whether you play Bridge, Mexican Train, Softball, Pickleball, enjoy the music and dances or are a part of any one of the almost 80 activity groups here in FOS, thank you for being involved. You are a part of what makes this a great, desirable community. Let’s keep that community spirit growing.

Betsy Wergin
President, FOSA Board of Directors